subtle subversions. some are as serious as life, others are dead whimsey.

"doing the wrong thing," am I?

contain and control; rescue and save

actions and habits that

construct, destroy, reconstruct; to do and undo,

broken, left behind, thrown away or forgotten?


constant shifting between:

full vs empty, 

success vs failure,

revealing vs obscuring,

perfection vs flaws,

value and worth vs invalidation

blot (out), cross (off or out), scratch (out), strike (out), 

wipe (out), x (out). deleteeraseobliteratecounteract

negatenullify, cancel, conceal, obstruct, shroud

acceptIng personal psychology. 20+years of 


                                                                                                                                                                                                                     May 2019


Lara Ann Miller Tolpolar 1997-2021